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Unified Mesh Mobile Backhaul

Take Control of your Connected Mobile Operations

From Wi-Mesh to U-Mesh

We are extending smart user control of dedicated local broadband mobile mesh networks to deliver top-level, organization-wide communications for mission critical operations, systems and teams.

Move ON

Luceor’s new Unified Mesh Mobile Backhaul solution extends your local wired/wireless network wirelessly to deliver the ultimate combination: end-to-end broadband performance, reliability, security and seamless mobility along with speedy deployment and minimal operating costs.

Take control

Take control of your wired/wireless network of networks. Luceor’s U-Mesh routers provide the power for Luceor’s embedded, ultra-advanced U-Mesh OS software to enable the global deployment of our mesh technology-based network intelligence and meet the highest levels of service in the field.

See us in action

Keep your whole organization connected in real time. Designed to adapt to any topology and combine best use of all connectivity resources, Luceor’s U-Mesh solution delivers fully controlled, end-to-end communications for your challenging operations in any conditions.

Opt for the Ultimate Combination

By combining the best of all public and private network connectivity resources (fiber, wifi, cell, sat or narrowband) in a dedicated global wired/wireless network of networks, U-Mesh delivers on every level.


No handover
Linear & Non Linear

Broadband Coverage


Operational efficiency

Rapid Deployment
Smart Management
Total Cost of Ownership




Self-healing Mesh
Smart Qos Resilience
Rugged Equipement

Network security

Meshed Rolling Keys Encyrption
Secured Updates & Services

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