Aeraccess Q800XSeptember 26 2017 – At the APS security and safety fair held this week in Paris, Luceor and Aeraccess announce a technological partnership to connect the Aeraccess drones to Luceor’s WiMesh private mobile networks.

Drones developed by Aeraccess are ideally suited for safety and aerial surveillance missions in critical sites. Thanks to their array of sensors (HD cameras, infrared, thermal, laser, etc.), they can fulfill multiple civilian, police or military missions.

Drones are becoming essential parts of security infrastructures. Integrating seamlessly with the user’s WiMesh network simplifies deployments while providing a high level of resiliency and performance compared to operator solutions like 4G-LTE. Aeraccess drones can now roam seamlessly from one relay to the other without packet loss to gain extended coverage and enable even more complex missions,” explains Shehzaad Callachand, CEO of Aeraccess.

“By integrating the WiMesh radio transmission technology, Aeraccess drones can now connect to the user’s IP network with a unique level of performance and resiliency,” said Christian d’Orival, CEO of Luceor. “The WiMesh infrastructure deployed to connect video surveillance cameras on the ground is leveraged to communicate with drones and provide a truly integrated and easy to manage fixed and mobile solution.”

Thanks to Luceor’s WiMesh algorithms, the drone can fly anywhere in the area, passing from one relay to another without losing connection or images. The flying cameras therefore have a virtually unlimited range to facilitate the continuation of the mission in any circumstance.


About Luceor

A European vendor based in Paris, Luceor has been spearheading the development of WiMesh technology to connect strategic and mission-critical applications since 2005. Our exceptionally advanced operating system and wireless equipment enable the ultimate mobile broadband networks guaranteeing total connectivity for people, places and things on the move. For more information, please visit

About Aeraccess

AERACCESS is a company specialized in designing and manufacturing drone based solutions, focusing on sectors such as security and defence. Known for mastering the whole value chain, from the ground control station to the payload embedded by the drone, AERACCESS undertook to respond to requirements by innovation. For more information, please visit