11 July 2013 – The container terminal operated by EUROFOS in the Port of Marseille-Fos will soon be equipped with Luceor WiMesh network.

Eurofos is part of Portsynergy, the biggest container terminal operator in France and member of the world’s 3rd largest container terminal operator network, and will use a Terminal Operating System (TOS) operated through the Luceor broadband wireless WiMesh network.

Eurofos has selected the Luceor range of routers, equipped with the latest LuceorOS, to ensure the communication network up to the straddle carriers.

Thanks to Luceor’s WiMesh technology, this network can transmit data to dozens of mobile vehicles in real time without any loss (TOS data, geolocation information, Voice over IP, HD Video, etc.) covering areas of several hundreds hectares, despite many obstacles. Luceor systems are designed for quick and easy deployment. In EUROFOS, the project is planned to be completed in August 2013.

“Our operations require highly reliable and scalable networks and IT infrastructure” said Nicolas Gauthier, CEO of Eurofos. “The traffic will increase and our terminal will evolve: the technical choices made ​​today should therefore allow us to meet both current and future needs.

“We are proud to support Eurofos in its project to modernize its network infrastructure and contribute to the achievement of its objectives,” said Stéphane Labrunie, Luceor’s General Manager. “This agreement proves that innovation is alive in Europe and is able to respond effectively to technological and business challenges, Luceor being one of the few manufacturers in the world to offer reliable broadband solutions in fast mobility.”


About Luceor

Luceor is the leading provider of WiMesh high-flexibility outdoor wireless networks. Luceor’s fully distributed solutions, performs under the most demanding circumstances in open, dense or changing environments. System deployments can be fixed or mobile, permanent or temporary, for periods of years, days or just hours. Luceor systems are valued for their autonomy, fault tolerance, mobility, rapid implementation by non-technical personnel, and capabilities to integrate seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure. Luceor systems are deployed for critical outdoor networking applications that cannot be served by traditional wired or wireless technologies.

About Eurofos

EUROFOS is part of Portsynergy, first French port operator container handling Group. Located in Fos-sur-Mer, EUROFOS performs a traffic over 500,000 annual TEUs on the terminal that operates in the western basin of the Port of Marseille-Fos.