January 18, 2013 – A WiMesh network will secure the Enduro du Touquet on 2 and 3 February 2013.

The Enduropale:

  • 250,000 viewers
  • Nearly 2,000 pilots on 4 races motorcycles and quads
  • 16.8 km circuit bike and 13 km run quad

The organization of security at Enduropale:

  • 5 police companies
  • 365 policemen
  • Officers riding in the dunes
  • 160 firefighters, 75 security officers
  • 180 stewards
  • 200 agents of the city of Le Touquet

Fourteen Luceor AWS routers will be deployed by DCCRS (Central Department of CRS) to secure the event, in addition to the city’s fixed network. The network transmits HD Video streams, in real time and without interruption, to the headquarters. Therefore, the WiMesh network implements different architectures: a redundant point to point, a broken line and a redundant ring.

The scope of coverage of this kind of event is generally not compatible with the existing wired fixed network. The extension of this existing network is required. This is the whole point of Luceor WiMesh technology, which offers both deployment flexibility and compatibility with existing IP infrastructure.

The challenge of this kind of deployment is twofold:

  1. Quickly deploy an outdoor broadband network for short time periods (2 days for the Enduropale). This requires a good mechanical aptitude for quick installation, the right level of automation and robustness (wind, water …).
  2. Optimize the number of devices while ensuring quality of service necessary for the transmission of the video stream. WiMESH technology offers true redundancy, both at energy (stand-alone equipment and rescued) and network levels (decentralized and redundant routing for optimal fault tolerance).


About Luceor

Luceor is the leading provider of WiMesh high-flexibility outdoor wireless networks. Luceor’s fully distributed solutions perform under the most demanding circumstances in open, dense or changing environments. System deployments can be permanent or temporary, fixed or mobile. “Wired-like” reliability allows customers to take their critical applications wherever they are needed for seamless operations. Luceor’s solutions are unique in the industry and provide organizations with the integrated IT infrastructure they need for true global efficiency.