10 October 2014 – EOS Innovation has chosen a WiMesh network designed by Luceor to ensure continuous connectivity of e-vigilante its mobile surveillance robot that is dedicated to the surveillance of warehouses and industrial sites.

For their mobile and autonomous e-vigilante surveillance robot, EOS Innovation will deploy the new generation of WiMesh networks designed by Luceor for radio transmission of voice and real-time video in mobility and with very high throughput.

EOS Innovation chose the new range of wireless routers MegaMesh and the software LuceorOS v9.1 for their communication network to be deployed over the sites where e-vigilante will ensure real-time video surveillance connected in mobility to the network.

Thanks to Luceor’s WiMesh technology, this network will be able to deliver up to 150 Mbps TCP (VoIP, HD Video, etc.), powered by directive relaying technology, with no loss of connectivity, seamless handover and over hundreds meters, indoor or outdoor. Luceor’s MegaMesh systems are designed to provide a very high connectivity and a transparent roaming, in mobility and at speed exceeding 150 km/h.

“In order to ensure autonomously its patrol rounds, detect intrusions and dispel doubts, e-vigilante must be able to convey information, whatever the time and place. This kind of situation requires very reliable, high-speed, and easy-to-use networks” said David Lemaitre, CEO and founder of EOS Innovation. “The technological innovation offered by Luceor in that field allows us to meet these requirements”.

“We are proud that our technology convinced EOS Innovation, and to take part of their great venture with also as a side effect contributing to the excellence of their services.” Said Stéphane Labrunie Managing Director. “This partnership in proving how innovation is active in France and how Luceor as EOS Innovation are in position to brought concrete answers to challenges faced by public and private large companies”


About Luceor

Luceor is a network equipment manufacturer that designs, develops and sells high performance, flexible and easy-to-install wireless solutions indoor and outdoor.  Luceor WiMesh technology makes it possible to deploy networks that can be temporary or permanent, fixed or mobile, and for critical applications.

About EOS Innovation

EOS Innovation was founded in 2010 and is a company from the service robotics sector. They design and manufacture e-vigilante, a mobile robot dedicated to warehouses and industrial sites surveillance. In early 2014, Parrot has acquired new interests in EOS Innovation aside Scientipôle Capital, its early stage shareholder.

Since October 2011, the company has received several awards: the European Competition of Innovative Enterprises Price (awarded by the « Young Economic Chamber » of Paris), the Technological Innovation Award (award from the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Essone), and the Innovation Trophy (awarded by the Ile-de-France Initiative).

For more information: www.eos-innovation.eu