The 100% autonomous WiMesh router for deploying broadband IP networks for emergency response and large events protection


Milipol, France, November 17 2015 –

International summits, sports events, natural disasters, industrial accidents… so many situations during which police, civil protection and emergency response teams of major industrial companies must quickly deploy on site their surveillance and communication equipment.

Luceor’s GigaMesh-AWS router is designed specifically for projectable IP networks.

With intelligent batteries and a range of accessories designed for rapid deployment, GigaMesh-AWS makes it easy to deploy a 100% autonomous wireless IP network in areas where 4G networks are too slow, saturated, non-existent or too expensive.

Luceor’s GigaMesh-AWS is already widely used by units of the French Ministry of Interior (including CRS and RAID) especially in the context of SARISE (Autonomous image transmission system for securing events). It proved to be particularly efficient in operations during events such as the G20 in Cannes, the G8 in Deauville, the Braderie of Lille, Le Mans 24H and many other events.

“Police forces and first responders need private broadband IP networks that are highly secured and reliable and which they can deploy quickly and easily,” explains Firas Hantouche, Luceor’s Director of Product Marketing. “GigaMesh-AWS has been used for several years by highly demanding professionals; It is probably the most advanced solution on the market today. This new version of our GigaMesh-AWS confirms Luceor’s advance on the tactical network market.”

The new version of Luceor GigaMesh-AWS includes:

  • a GPS module to precisely locate connected equipment on a tactical planning map,
  • a standard POE-out port to power third-party equipment such as CCTV cameras from the GigaMesh batteries for a completely autonomous deployment,
  • a design software allowing users to draw their WiMesh networks before operations and automatically generate configuration files for their Luceor routers, enabling faster and easier deployments on site.


About Luceor

Luceor develops wireless network solutions to build private broadband infrastructures in urban or industrial environments, indoor or outdoor, permanent or temporary, for fixed or mobile usages. The Luceor WiMesh technology allows for easy and rapid deployment of highly resilient and very flexible IP networks that can seamlessly transport voice, video and data at up to 450Mbps over up to 10km, even when the user is moving or is onboard a high speed vehicle (up to 300Mbps at 300km/h). Luceor was founded in 2005 and is located in Vélizy near Paris. Luceor is a member of the Systematic and Mov’eo innovation clusters. For more information, please visit