Seamless Train To Ground Communications at 200Mbps Even at 350km/h


Transports Publics 2016 Show, Paris, June 14  2016 – LUCEOR and ACKSYS announce the immediate availability of their mobile network solution for connecting public transport vehicles seamlessly at 200Mbps at speed as high as 350km/h. These unmatched performance provide public transport authorities new opportunities to offer innovative services to passengers, increase safety on board or optimize operations.

Accessing the Internet or critical applications on board high-speed trains, subways or any public transport has always been difficult. The solution developed by LUCEOR and ACKSYS enables public transport authorities to easily deploy their own mobile network at lower costs and control the quality of train to ground communications.

LUCEOR’s WiMesh technology ensures ultra-fast symmetrical transmissions without latency and without packet or session loss when switching from one relay to another even at very high speed. WiMesh can also transmit at high speed between two vehicles to solve “hidden train” issues or simplify the ground infrastructure. The new generation of the RailBox platform by ACKSYS provides radio transmission while meeting the most stringent requirements of the rail industry.

The solution does not require government license and is extremely simple and rapid to deploy thanks to a comprehensive management software suite that includes graphical tools for optimising mobile radio coverage as well as advanced management and reporting tools.

“LUCEOR’s WiMesh technology has been widely used for many years in the industry, security and logistics markets, but also by many local authorities to build their SmartCity networks,” explains Christian d’Orival, LUCEOR’s President and CEO. “Our close collaboration with ACKSYS enables public transport authorities not only to deploy their own very high-speed mobile communications network, but also to integrate public transports in the local authorities’ SmartCity strategies to offer communications continuity to travellers with a high level of services on board.”

“ACKSYS has been offering communication equipment to public transport operators for many years. We see the requirements evolve towards high performance private mobile infrastructures to access critical applications in real time and at lower costs,” said Eric Cariou, CEO of ACKSYS. “Our joint WiMesh solution meets those needs. The combination of our technologies will allow us to strengthen our positions in the French and international markets.”

The WiMesh solution developed by LUCEOR and ACKSYS is already deployed with a tramway operator in France to connect live video surveillance cameras and offer free Wi-Fi access on board. A second similar deployment is underway.



A European vendor based in Paris, Luceor has been spearheading the development of WiMesh technology to connect strategic and mission-critical applications since 2005. Our exceptionally advanced operating system and wireless equipment enable the ultimate mobile broadband networks guaranteeing total connectivity for people, places and things on the move. For more information, please visit www.luceor.com


For over 30 years, ACKSYS Communications & Systems designs and manufactures WLAN/LAN/serie communication solutions. Deeply rooted in the wireless market, ACKSYS offers a wide range of WiFi devices that meet the most stringent requirements in the targeted markets: transportation (rail, road), industry (SCADA, automation), military, aeronautics, mining, oil & gas and environment. Particularly established in the transportation market, ACKSYS has developed a rugged offer adapted to its environmental constraints and enabling: infrastructure optimization, improved passenger safety and reduced operating costs. With a strong expertise, ACKSYS is able to wisely support its clients in the creation and deployment of their wireless networks. Thanks to a structured distribution network, ACKSYS is present on the five continents.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]