A comprehensive range of WiMesh routers to build resilient wireless IP infrastructures offering very high performance


Expoprotection Exhibition, Paris, Novembre 7  2016 – Luceor, the WiMesh networks pioneer, is introducing StartMesh-Duo and StartMesh-HD, two new routers designed to deploy wireless IP networks with very high throughputs over long distances.

Luceor’s WiMesh technology is having great success in particular with local authorities, industrials and police forces to connect video-surveillance and perimeter security systems, drones, vehicles or robots, without wires, all over a city, a campus or an industrial site.

With LuceorOS’s unique and patented algorithms and the power of Luceor’s MeshTool Suite management software, StartMesh-Duo and HD-StartMesh make it easy to build intelligent mesh networks that are resilient, quick to deploy and deliver a very high level of performance.

StartMesh-Duo, the ultra-compact multi-radio router

StartMesh-Duo offers two high performance radio interfaces in an ultra-compact enclosure. Its integrated antenna makes it super easy to install. Connectors for an external antenna offer great flexibility to address any field constraints and all use cases.

StartMesh-Duo is the ideal equipment to easily build 2 point-to-point links or relay traffic between WiMesh routers without performance drop. The second radio is perfect to create an access point (multi-point base station or Wi-Fi AP) and link it to the network using the built-in antenna.

StartMesh-HD, the ultra-fast wireless broadband router

StartMesh-HD is the supercharged version of the StartMesh router. It manages wireless data transmission at up to 500 Mbps over long distances. Its compact enclosure allows for fast and easy installation thanks to its integrated high-gain MIMO antenna. It is the ideal WiMesh router to build wireless point-to-point links offering very high throughputs: LAN-to-LAN connectivity, backhaul, etc.

 “Luceor’s range of StartMesh router is expanding with two new routers to meet the exact needs for simplicity, flexibility and power than some complex installations require,” explains Firas Hantouche, Luceor’s Director of Product Marketing. “StartMesh products are designed for outdoor operations and deliver very high performance in compact enclosures with built-in antennas. StartMesh, StartMesh-Duo and StartMesh-HD allow to easily build at a lower cost the simplest as well as the most sophisticated wireless infrastructures that are particularly suited for urban video-surveillance or critical sites protection.”

StartMesh routers are available from Luceor’s certified resellers and distributors.


About Luceor

A European vendor based in Paris, Luceor has been spearheading the development of WiMesh technology to connect strategic and mission-critical applications since 2005. Our exceptionally advanced operating system and wireless equipment enable the ultimate mobile broadband networks guaranteeing total connectivity for people, places and things on the move. Luceor has been named Champion by the Systematic Cluster. For more information, please visit www.luceor.com