October 26, 2016 – Freight traffic on the seaport of La Réunion is experiencing very strong growth (+ 19% in 2015). It became imperative to control vehicle movements on site and optimise ships loading and unloading in real-time. SGM, the handling company operating in the seaport of La Reunion, has decided to deploy a state-of-the-art technology to connect handling vehicles to its business applications: a private broadband mobile network.

“Deploying our own mobile IP network allows us to develop new delivery services and be more reactive when monitoring ship operations. It is a true asset for our productivity, but also to maximize our customer’s satisfaction,” explains Thierry De Peindray, Director of SGM.

He continues: “Our previous radio network did not provide enough throughput to meet these new requirements and we had many connection losses when moving on site. We considered various technologies to replace it. Wi-Fi does not offer the necessary range and does not support seamless mobility. 3G/4G networks are expensive and do not offer the reliability of a private network, which is essential for us to work every day.”

WiMesh in the seaport of La RéunionUltimately, Luceor’s WiMesh technology was chosen as it makes it possible for vehicles to move at high-speed without never losing network connectivity while requiring a very light fixed infrastructure. “Luceor WiMesh’s products allow us to access our IP network, wirelessly, anywhere on site, at high speed and without any packet loss when moving,” said Teddy Morel, the project manager.

The seaport of La Reunion adds to the long list of ports where a Luceor WiMesh network is deployed to connect handling vehicles in real-time to logistics applications. “All over the World, port handling companies are going through technological transformations to manage their operations in real time. Deploying business processes on the move requires a reliable and efficient communications infrastructure,” explains Christian d’Orival, President and CEO of Luceor. “A Luceor WiMesh network allows highly reliable high-speed communications even on board fast-moving vehicles.”

The Luceor WiMesh infrastructure was deployed on the seaport of La Réunion by Contact OI, a Luceor system integrator, with the help of Data Connect, Luceor distributor.