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Tecdron manufactures mobile land-based robotics for indoor and outdoor applications.
Their UGV firefighting system is designed to keep firefighters at a safe distance. This vehicle can carry a payload up to 840 kg for tasks such as the transport of emergency equipment or accident evacuation and gather information using a serie of sensors, including cameras.

By integrating the WiMesh radio transmission technology, Tecdron’s UGV can collect and send in real-time, sensitive data from multiple sensors , at high-speed broadband with a unique level of performance and resiliency. The WiMesh infrastructure, deployed to connect Tecdron’s UGV in the field, is used to communicate with the command center and provide a fully integrated and easy-to-manage private mobile network.

Our next generation operating system allows :
• Unparalleled Performance to deliver wireless transmissions at 600Mbps with latency below 2ms
• Seamless Mobility up to 350km/h with instant handoff and no packet loss
• Military grade security with extra-strong encryption algorithms using dynamic keys to ensure no single point of failure

Luceor is the leader to provide private mobile WiMesh networks. Find out why +200 satisfied customers trust us to connect applications in areas such as Port Operations, Public Transports or Events Security.