January 19 2015 –  Luceor’s WiMesh solution has been chosen by Balyo to carry all IP communication for their Next Generation AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicles), robotic material handling solutions.

The WiMesh solution selected by Balyo is based on indoor wireless routers I-MegaMesh, the embedded LuceorOS, and the newly released MeshTool software to ease the deployment and the management of WiMesh network.

The WiMesh network technology of the French manufacturer Luceor, is able to communicate up to 200 Mbps of user data (ERP, vertical applications, VoIP, HD CCTV, internet access, etc.) at very high speed, with no loss of connectivity, indoor and outdoor environment, thanks to mesh network and relay features. Luceor’s systems are designed to provide a very high connectivity and mobile transparent roaming.

“Our robotic solutions require highly reliable network, easy to manage and fast to deploy. The innovation delivered today by Luceor is a very effective answer to all these constraints, which is not possible with traditional Wi-Fi”, said Fabien Bardinet, CEO at Balyo.

“This success demonstrates Luceor’s ability to answer a new challenge on the AGV market, which requires a very high level of network availability. We are proud that WiMesh Mobility Solution convinced Balyo”, said Stephane Labrunie, Managing Director at Luceor.


About Luceor

Luceor is a French network equipment manufacturer that designs, develops and sells high performance wireless secured network solutions, indoor and outdoor, easy and fast to install. Luceor WiMesh technology makes it possible to deploy networks that can be temporary or permanent, fixed or mobile, for critical applications.

About Balyo

BALYO designs, manufactures and markets robotic handling solutions for the manufacturing and logistics sectors. The company’s innovative solution is revolutionizing the material-handling world. The technology can be found throughout Europe and is now available in North America, through BALYO Inc. Our expert teams help customers, leverage the technology, integrate the solution, reduce costs, and achieve superior returns. From the identification of potential productivity gains to the design of optimum processes, and their implementation, BALYO partners with its customers for maximum benefit. Since its creation, BALYO’s growth rate has exceeded 100% per year. With the financial backing from prestigious venture capital firms, and armed with a truly disruptive technology, the company is re-writing the materials handling book.